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Updates on Renovation of Our New Church

On February 12, 2019, the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship purchased the new church site at 2900 Bridges Street in Morehead City.  After the Board of Trustees asked for New Building Team volunteers, the congregation selected seven volunteers.  The current members are Joe Naset – Co-Chair, Guerry Willis – Co-Chair, Dan Phillips, Karen Baggott, Christoph Hintze, Bob Thomas, Karen Baggott, and Tom Cullison.  Anne Fiske and Casey Benavides also were on the original Building team.

Artist’s rendering of our new church home – fall 2021

April 2021 News from your New Building Team:

Many of you are familiar with the term “hurry up, and wait”.  That describes the NBT the last few weeks.  Since the contract signing, our builder has completed paper work and we are all waiting for final approval by Morehead City.  There were some small details that MHC wanted changed on the plans, and Smithson is working with MHC directly to get this done.  Next step is the issuance of permits, expected the first week of April.  We expect both the ‘hurry up’ and the ‘wait’ to be over soon.  Building’s going up, land being prepared for the new building, and on and on.

Meanwhile, back at NBT HQ, we are making plans to ensure the annex is not forgotten.  There are a few mating details that had to be worked out with Smithson to make sure the buildings look good when construction is complete.  We already have the patio planned for future use as a floor for enclosed rooms that will join the two buildings.  At appropriate times during sanctuary construction, the NBT will be making our finishing construction details on the annex.

Also worth noting is that the grant, worked on by Harriet Altman for our electric charging station, has been approved, so another item checked off the list.

And the final important bit of information, not from the NBT, but from our contractor.  Once the site work has begun, all of our property at 2900 will be off limits to anyone not contracted by Smithson. This is needed to keep the site secure and avoid accidents.  There will be all sorts of hazards as work progresses.  Joe Naset and Guerry Wills are the only two people listed in the contract to go on site – and they also need an appointment from the on site supervisor.  If any of our congregation would like to check the progress on site, please contact either Guerry or Joe.  Of course, the annex is ours to work in, the area will be sectioned off in some manner.

Respectfully submitted,

Dan Phillips

March 2021 News from your New Building Team:

As explained in the Sunday Coffee, the contract for construction is signed and the building schedule has started. Most of the construction and finishing of the building will be handled by the contractor; however, we need your help with many of the final touches. Sometime in late summer or early fall we’ll have a new church building.
Elsewhere in this newsletter,  you will find a list of committees, some already exist and there are a few new committees. Start thinking and when the time comes, please join a committee or suggest to the appropriate committee your thoughts in suggesting the furniture, colors, ideas, and ideas, (Yes, I said it twice) This will indeed be ‘OUR’ new home. It will take time ‘wearing this building’ to be as familiar as 1300 Evans St., but with everyone’s input, we hope everyone will feel “at ease” in short order.
Respectfully submitted,
Dan Phillips

February 2021 News from your New Building Team:

If I could go Back to the Future, there would be more news than I have available now. Our builders will meet with us the last week of January, so even though this is for the February newsletter, I’m writing before our meeting. We have received the Standard Form AIA Document from our builder and we and our legal team will go over this prior to a working meeting to state any changes or additions to the Scope of Work with our builder. Until this is done, we won’t have a final cost for our
In a project of this size, we want to have enough details stated, but also allow for any possible small changes and additions that may appear as the building goes up. For example, we are interested in eventual solar panels and (2) electric vehicle charging stations as examples of reducing our carbon footprint to the community. In the last few days, the State (NC) has put forth an incentive plan for charging stations and a subcommittee of the Green  Sanctuary has just received a quote from a company to take advantage of this grant. This is just one item that may be added to the Scope of Work as part of our project. Moving forward, we are hopeful that our next meetings with our builder will complete the planning stage and we’ll be starting construction our new home.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Phillips

January 2021 News from your New Building Team

I bet you thought the NBT had left the building – not so fast. We have had several months of meetings, interactions and queries passed between your NBT, our Design Build Company, and officials of Morehead City. The outcome of a lot of work and patience has been the approval of all of the variances and the Special Use Permit for our new church at 2900 Bridges St.
Our next step is getting an updated building cost from our Design Build Company. They must check with their sub-contractors and material suppliers for current costs. The cost of lumber has varied widely in the past year. As in Jeopardy, the final answer is… After this short commercial break (Christmas/New Year). We expect by the middle of January 2021 to have ‘the facts’ to share with everyone.
BTW – how about that spectacular color rendering of the projected new building?!
We all hope you’ve had a good Holiday for 2020.
Respectfully submitted,
Dan Phillips


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