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Get Covered America

There is a group of people in the county, including several UCF members, who are working with a national organization called Get Covered America to bring awareness and information to citizens of Carteret County who are eligible to enroll in a health insurance program through the Affordable Care Act. They are going out to county locations like Broad Street Clinic, Carteret Community College, the public libraries and food banks and setting up tables with informational brochures. These volunteers can ask those who are eligible to fill out a “commitment card” with their contact information and they will be contacted by someone at the state level who will help them to get enrolled. Several members of our volunteer group are taking a course to become “Navigators” so they will be able to actually sit down with people and a computer and help them sign up. More volunteers are needed as there are many locations in the county that need to be targeted and the more people we can get signed up, the better the whole program will work.