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New Building!

Updates on Renovation of Our New Church

On February 12, 2019, the Unitarian Coastal Fellowship purchased the church building and property at 2900 Bridges Street in Morehead City.  The Board of Trustees asked for volunteers to be on the New Building Team and then the congregation voted to select the seven members of that team.  They are:

Joe Naset – Co-Chair

Guerry Willis – Co-Chair

Dan Phillips

Casey Benevides

Anne Fiske

Christoph Hintze

Bob Thomas

May 1, 2019 update:

The team consists of Joe Naset and Guerry Willis- CoChairs, Anne Fiske – Secretary, Casey Benavides, Christoph  intze, Dan Phillips, and Bob Thomas. The Subcommitte s so far are Solar- Penny Hooper and Landon Elswick, Grant Writing – Karen Baggott and Mary Anna Newman, Landscaping – Nan Reed, Terri Thomas, and Barbara Bergman.
We have met each Thursday for at least two hours since the NBT has been activated, a total of 7 meetings so far. The project has been divided into renovation of the Classroom building and renovation of the Sanctuary building. Christoph is finalizing a notebook to request proposals from two or more architects. He has also created Existing Conditions Documents, which detail the present measurements andplans for each building. We have completed an
overview of our requirements for the Sanctuary Building and a formal RFP document for contractors when bids are  requested. This document puts a form to the objectives, scope, specifications, timeline, selection criteria, submission format, financial information, licensing and bonding requirements, insurance requirements and references required from the contractor. We need a complete and detailed Survey to include information not given on the initial survey, but needed by the planning commission and other contractors as necessary. The utilities have been marked on the property so the landscaping subcommittee can determine where to plant the two donated live oak trees. As we  gathered bids and spoke with the Planning Commission in Morehead City, the Fire Marshal and Building Inspector, we found that this is a two step forward – one step back process, as new information comes to light. The process is  being slowed due to an ongoing shortage of contractors in the area since Hurricane Florence. Another important item is the Solar panel project – and again we have a lot of information just waiting until the Sanctuary building design is more complete.

I hope this answers some of the questions you have about our new church home. We have a suggestion box in the  ocial hall we check at least once a week. We copy the suggestions to a pdf and send them to members of the NBT. Please don’t hesitate to offer your suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,
Dan Phillips


This Easter, we gathered for dinner in the social hall of the new building. Everyone enjoyed the new space where we can all be together.